Welcome to Being Human, a community where we believe that we are all imperfectly perfect. Our mission is to inspire individuals to discover the beauty of being human, despite life’s challenges.
At Being Human, we offer a safe and supportive space for individuals to share their stories of survival and resilience. We believe that sharing our experiences can inspire hope and purpose in others who are facing similar challenges.

Our community is built on the belief that being in the storm of your life can be the time to realize just how precious life is. Through our authentic conversations and storytelling, we illustrate how individuals have found a new perspective on life, despite the challenges they have faced.

We offer examples of warriors who have faced life-changing challenges and emerged stronger, more resilient, and more purposeful. We explore ways to live a more joyful, purposeful life by activating our joy of music, volunteerism, showing acts of kindness, learning to be a better listener, hiking, movement, traveling, exercise and reading, to name a few.

Our biggest overarching goal is to build a community that fosters hope, fight, and purpose to those that become members. We want to inspire cancer patients to become warriors in their battle with this menacing disease, and to give them the mental outlook to face cancer with resilience and courage.

Life is short, beautiful, and worth fighting for. Through community support and authentic conversation about the human experience, Being Human inspires those facing life’s challenges to build a life worth fighting for.

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