Welcome to Being Human!

It has been my lifelong quest to help transform individuals’ lives through the magic of meaningful movement. During my time as a founding member of NuStep, LLC, a company dedicated to making low impact, full-body workouts available to individuals facing debilitating health issues, I met thousands of individuals fighting to improve themselves while facing life’s hardest challenges. Similar to those training for a marathon or an epic mountain climb, many of our NuStep users trained intensely despite the overwhelming physical challenges they faced. I found myself both humbled and inspired by the efforts and achievements of these true warriors.

In 2016, I was diagnosed with a fast-growing and large (duck egg size) cancerous tumor in my ethmoid sinus cavity. During my battle, my mind drew on the memories of those I met while at NuStep for inspiration, individuals who not only survived, but thrived, while dealing with larger challenges and obstacles in their lives. Surviving a cancer that could have killed me has changed my life for the better. For me, it has been a gift, one that helps me look at the extra time I have been given in a different light.

I am now dedicating my time and energy to creating a space where we can discover together what is most important to absorb in our one precious life. Our one short, crazy, and, hopefully, wild life. Let’s take off the blindfolds of our busy lives and discover what our inner souls desire. Please join me and our Being Human community in living a braver, more resilient, and honest life, while fostering kindness and love for all those we meet on life’s journey.

Steve Sarns CIO
Chief Inspirational Officer


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